Doctor Synth’s Favorite Free Instruments:
Virtual Instruments I run on all my DAWs
Please donate to the creators if you use their downloads.

2Gether Audio – Cheese Machine 2
Solina string machine emulation
2Gether Audio – Ticky Clav 2
Hohner Clavinet emulation
Brain Control – Tunefish v4
Lightweight virtual analog synth
Combo Model F
Farfisa Transistor Organ emulation
Cwitec TX16Wx CWITEC –  TX16Wx
Software Sampler based on the Yamaha TX16W
Yamaha DX7 emulation, can be used as an editor for the DX7, Volca FM, and many others
Full Bucket
*22* synthesizers including emulations of vintage Korg instruments
Futucraft – Kairatune
Green Oak – Crystal
Semi-modular softsynth with subtractive & FM Synthesis as well as granular synthesis and wave-sequencing.
Can also import SoundFonts and morph programs.
Ichiro Toda – Synth 1
Nord Lead 2 Emulation, one of the oldest and most-popular virtual synthesizers
IK Multimedia – SampleTank 4 Custom Shop – Vintage Synth collection
Additional instruments are available for a fee.
IK Multimedia – Syntronik Free – Vintage Synth collection
Additional instruments are available for a fee.
Martin Lüder – PG8X
Roland JX-8P emulation
Helm Matthew Tytel – Helm
Virtual instrument for Mac, Windows, and Linux
PureMagnetik – Expanse
Texture Generator
Sample Science Room Piano Sample Science – Room Piano
They have a large collection of “pay what you want” instruments for $1+
Spitfire Audio – Labs
A nice collection of sample-based instruments
Ensoniq ESQ-1 emulation for Windows 32-bit only.
Development was abandoned several years ago but it’s still pretty cool.
Steinberg – Model-E
Moog Minimoog emulation, not very realistic by modern comparisons
Steinberg – Neon
Very Basic analog synth – terrible by modern standards but this is the very first VST.
Surge Surge Synth Team – Surge
Winner of KVR’s Best Free Synth award in 2020.
Synergia Synergia
DKI Synergy emulation
TAL – Bassline
Roland SH101 emulation
TAL – Noisemaker
Roland Juno 6 emulation
U-He – Podolski
CPU-efficient virtual analog synthesizer
U-He – Triple Cheese
Comb filter synthesizer
U-He – Tyrell N6
A fun virtual synthesizer
U-He – Zebralette
Lightweight version of the powerful Zebra 2 instrument
VCV Rack 2.06 VCV Rack 2
Modular synthesizer with free and paid modules
NOTE: this runs on its own on your computer, and not inside a DAW.
The paid version (Pro) includes their plugin version
Cardinal - plugin version of VCV Rack Distroh Cardinal
Plugin-only version of VCV Rack modular synthesizer (ABOVE) which you can run in within your DAW
Big Bang Orchestra Vienna Symphonic Library – Big Bang Orchestra
The best way to start orchestrating film to picture
Vital Audio – Vital
Spectral wavetable synthesizer


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