Cassette Synthesizer Data

In the time before MIDI (1970’s-mid-1980’s), Synthesizers saved sound data to cassette. These cassettes will allow you to load sound settings into your synthesizer, following the vague instructions provided in the synthesizer’s manual.


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Ensoniq ESQ-1

Korg DW-6000

Korg DW-8000, EX-8000

Korg EX-800

Korg Poly-61

Korg PolySix

Korg Poly-800

Korg Poly-800 II

Oberheim OB-8

Roland Alpha Juno 1

Roland Juno 60

Roland Juno 106

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

Sequential Circuits Prophet Five

Yamaha DX-9

Yamaha DX11, TX81Z, WT11

Yamaha DX21, DX27, DX100

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