I can also ship operating systems and sound programs via floppy disk or zip cartridge for Korg Triton and Kurzweil K2000 series synthesizers. I have a large number of DS/DD floppy disks that can be used in older synthesizers and samplers like the Korg X3 family and Yamaha SY77 family, as well as many boxes of DS/HD floppies that work in slightly newer synthesizers and samplers.

• Korg Triton Operating System for Triton Keyboards, Triton Rack, and Korg Karma.

• Korg Triton Expansion Cards

• Kurzweil Operating System
Kurzweil K2500, Kurzweil K2600

• Kurzweil Sounds
Farm Objects, Classical Instruments Objects, Contemporary Instruments Objects, Piano Daughterboard.

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